Musical Products

ProGear4U is dedicated to helping musicians, manufacturers of musical products, and musical product innovators and inventors. If you’re a musician, we invite you to browse through our “Product Listings” to find a unique mix of innovative products and services that pertain solely to the selected instrument category. Some of the products that you will see are not yet sold in the big mainstream music stores for various reasons. If you see something you like, just click on the product name. There you can acquire more information and will be provided a direct link to the manufacturer’s website. As a result, this saves you money and provides valuable exposure and sales opportunities for the manufacturer.

Manufacturers and Vendors of Musical Products

If you’re a manufacturer of unique or innovative musical products, or if you provide a unique service for musicians and/or their instruments, we can help get the word out. The size of your company does not matter because we display all of our listings in a similar format. We want your product to be seen. Please click on our “Vendors” tab for more information.

MUSIC 911 Resource Forum

If you’re a DIY’er, inventor, luthier, craftsman, technician, or maybe even a creative handyman, we have a category tab for you. It’s our “Music 911/Forum”. This is a place where musicians can post their musical instrument or equipment challenges as well as product or innovative request. Musicians love the fact that they can post their requests to our huge audience of “Techies” that frequent our site. Maybe a musician just wants to ask a few questions and get some feedback on a concept or idea. Maybe you need a custom part made and don’t know where to look. This is an incredibly resourceful community of helpful, talented people. This is a place where lots of magic happens. Give it a try!

 Bands, Groups, and Performing Artists

Last but not least is our “Bands” tab. This is the place where bands, groups, and performing artists submit their bios and pictures for free exposure on our homepage and “Feature Band” section of our site. This section is a lot of fun and lets people around the world know who you are. Make sure you check out this section.


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